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This site began in Kurt’s imagination. He started dreaming about what it would be like to take The Paulcast: A Podcast All About the Apostle Paul to the next level. Then, the idea of starting a podcast network was born. That led to this full-blown website, which houses a growing network of podcasts, but also contains a growing library of articles filled with theological, spiritual, and practical content. The goal of Theology Curator is to resource an intelligent and humanizing conversation on faith and scholarship.

Intelligent Resources

You have questions about Paul, Jesus, Revelation, and Biblical Studies. We respond.

Theological Tools

We hope to answer the questions people are asking about Jesus, Paul, Revelation and the New Testament as a whole.
"Was Paul really Jewish?" "Did Jesus actually exist?"
Kurt and the team bring together the best nuanced information to respond to relevant questions.

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Tools for Creating Online Resources

Kurt and the team bring their social media, blogging, and podcasting experience directly to those who wish to expand their ministry network.


For those who want to launch ministries online, Kurt is going to bring his experiences of “hacking” an online presence together to bear on this site. He will be creating guides, reviews, and e-courses for church leaders, Christian innovators, and church planters who want to start podcasts, blogs, social media engagement, church websites, and more.

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Humanizing Resources

You don't want to simply learn nuanced information about God. You want to live a nuanced faith. We inspire.

Faith for Real Life

Theology Curator seeks to cultivate its “faith” resources, to make sure that we don’t get too obsessed with “nerding out” without the most important part: living it out. From spiritual formation, to church ministry, to cultural issues, to peacemaking: we invite you to be inspired and to engage. Stay connected by clicking below to our email list.

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Podcast Network

If you like The Paulcast: A Podcast All About the Apostle Paul, then get ready for more.

Theology Curator Podcasts

In the coming months you can expect more podcast content. Each podcast will focus on a unique topic pertaining to theology and/or faith. Not only is The Paulcast getting updated over the next several months, but one new show is already in development with more to follow. Stay up to date below!

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