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N.T. Wright Talks about Paul’s Biography (Judaism, Empire, Anabaptists, and Jesus) | S1 E1 (EP-59)

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2 Minute Read Subscribe via iTunes or Google Season 1, Episode 1 (Spring Season, 2018 [Brand New Format!]) In this episode, N.T. Wright talks about his new book, Paul: A Biography. He discusses the sources we need to do good historical biographical work on Paul. We also might chat about Romans 13 and Anabaptists. You won’t want …

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Toward a Clearer Definition of “Spiritual Warfare” – Ephesians 6 as a Call to Justice and Peace

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17 Minute Read The following is a seminary paper I dug up from the archives. I might say a few things differently today, but I think this paper is quite helpful for understanding “spiritual warfare” from a biblical perspective.  Although there is debate to whether or not the Apostle Paul was the author …

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Paul the Peacemaker (Introducing Philemon) (EP-18)

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< 1 Minute Read   Paul didn’t just sit around and pontificate lofty theological ideas from a chamber flowing with the finest wines and grains of abundance. Not even close. Paul, although an intellectual, was a practitioner. For him, theology is always practical. In Paul’s short letter to Philemon, he challenges power structures of …