This is how to get in on all of the great resources curated to give you a better experience in your theological and faith journey.

My goal is the resource the heck outta ya. This is my passion.

In fact, just for joining this update community, I’m going to send you a free Bible Study Cheat Sheet on the book of Revelation!

People come to me all the time in my personal life:

“Kurt, do you have any thoughts on…”
“Kurt, what book should I…”
“Kurt, what was the Apostle Paul’s view of…”
“Kurt, how do I start a podcast about…”

So, this list taps you into my passion: doing the heavy-lifting to curate the best resources in accessible ways.

At TC, our mantra is that we seek to “resource an intelligent and humanizing faith.” I believe that the way of Jesus isn’t an invitation to check our brains at the door. God wants us to use our minds.

But, if we become ivory tower know-it-alls, well, that doesn’t serve anyone well (including God!).

Faith should also be humanizing: meaning, helping us grow to become more fully human–just like Jesus. Faith in real life partnered with the challenging intellectual issues of our day work well together.