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    Kurt Willems is a pastor, author, and spiritual director. His first published book, Echoing Hope: How the Humanity of Jesus Redeems our Pain, will be released by Waterbrook in March of 2021. He is also the host of the Theology Curator podcast. He has a master of divinity degree from Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary and a master of arts in comparative religion from the University of Washington. He and his wife, Lauren, have two daughters and reside in Seattle, Washington.

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    ✔️ Why the culture war between science and Scripture is leading young adults to graduate from their faith when they graduate from high school and go to college. Science and biblcial authority can walk hand-in-hand!

    ✔️ How to read Genesis 1 in its historical and literary context.Kurt brings together the best Christian scholarship, doing tons of leg work, so you can get to the point!

    ✔️ The various ways scholars and pastors engage the Adam and Eve Story. Tim Keller, Billy Graham, John Stott, NT Wright, John Walton, and many more well-known evangelical scholars and pastors affirm biological evolution and take Adam and Eve with great seriousness!

    ✔️ How to understand the way Paul discusses Adam and Christ. Jesus saves us as the second Adam and Evolution isn't a threat from this reality. What is at threat is our witness as Christians.