Welcome to Theology Curator: a podcast hosted by Kurt Willems.

Look, I get it. Not everyone has the time and energy to dig into ancient texts and try to make meaning out of them for today. But I’ve got you covered. I curate an experience for you to bring together the best thinkers, books, and ideas on all things pertaining to theology. Let me help you nerd out a bit. How else would you want to spend your commute?

Each episode looks at a theological, formational, or cultural theme.

We might dig into the life and letters of a radical Jewish teacher named Paul;
converse about a pressing contemporary issue;
reflect on the nature of following Jesus today;
or even attempt to remedy doom-and-gloom preaching with a good old-fashioned dose of hope.

This show is an invitation to build bridges between the first century world of the earliest Christ-followers into the twenty-first century reality we now inhabit. The Jesus we excavate from the rubble of tradition might just surprise us all.

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Some of our guests have been: Scot McKnight, Mark Nanos, Kate Wallace Nunneley (Junia Project), J.R. Daniel Kirk, and many others! (Click Interviews to see them all)