Greg Boyd on Paul and Pacifism (EP-7)

In Interview, Paulcast by Kurt Willems

In this episode, we jump into our first interview ever. This one is with Pastor and Theologian, Greg Boyd. Kurt chats with him about how he (Greg) reconciles Paul with Jesus and nonviolence versus common “just war” approaches. They even spend some time chatting about the ‘problem’ of violence in the Hebrew Scriptures. This one is GOOD!

Author: Kurt Willems

Kurt Willems (M.Div.) is the founding pastor of Pangea Church (Seattle, Wa.), curator of The Paulcast: A Podcast All About the Apostle Paul, blogger at The Pangea Blog (hosted by, graduate student at the University of Washington (focusing on Paul), and resourcer of an intelligent and humanizing faith at Theology Curator.
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