Paul Movie with Director/Writer Andrew Hyatt | S1 E3 (EP-61)

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Season 1, Episode 3 (Spring Season, 2018)

This is a conversation with Andrew Hyatt, writer and director of Paul, Apostle of Christ, a new film from Sony. We talk about the background of the film, major themes, and why he was compelled to tell part of Paul’s story. Such a great movie about Paul!

I actually posted a written reflection on the film, as well, on The Pangea Blog. You can check it out too, “Love is the Only Way: Why I Loved the New Paul Movie (And I Don’t Like “Christian Movies,” Typically)“. Here’s a quick quote:

The leaders of the community in Rome, Pricilla and Aquila, made it clear what they believed was the only path forward: love. Those who would choose to pick up arms against the Romans would have no place in the Christian community.

Luke, when telling Paul of the great hardships facing their loved ones outside of the jail cell, breaks down in anger and sadness about all Nero has put into place. Overcome with emotion, Luke suggests that the Romans should have to pay for what they have done.

Then come Paul’s powerful words of response:

Love is the only way.

And love remains the only way forward for Paul and all of those who choose to follow the way of Messiah Jesus together, all the way to the film’s climactic ending (yes, cue the tears!).


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Author: Kurt Willems

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