Angela Parker – Race, Suffering, and Empire in Paul (EP-50)

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Dr. Angela N. Parker has a Ph.D. in Bible, Culture, and Hermeneutics (New Testament focus) from Chicago Theological Seminary. Angela’s book entitled Bodies, Violence, and Emotions:  A Womanist Study of σῶμα (body) and πτῶμα (fallen body) in the Gospel of Mark is currently under contract with Wipf & Stock. Reading through the lens of womanist and postcolonial thought, Angela’s work addresses the issue of bodies falling as a result of imperial violence in the Gospel of Mark. The issue of fallen bodies is especially important for contemporary Christian communities who witness police violence against black and brown bodies.

Prior to receiving her Ph.D., Angela earned the Master of Theological Studies degree from Duke Divinity School in Durham, North Carolina and her Bachelor of Arts degree from Shaw University, a historically black institution in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Ordained as a Baptist minister and well-versed as a teacher in the church, Angela’s academic teaching experience comprises courses in New Testament and Biblical Greek. When not teaching or writing, Angela enjoys time spent with her husband, Victor, as they explore all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. When not in the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Parker often travels to North Carolina to spend time with her children and grandchildren.

Areas of Research

New Testament Text and Context, The Gospel of Mark, Pauline Epistles and Theology, Womanist Biblical Interpretation, Theology and Ethics, Contemporary Hermeneutical Strategies, and Postcolonial Theory


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