Podcast: Learn Greek on Your Own #1 – The Basics Pack (EP-40)

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In this series of occasional episodes, Kurt discusses some practical tools for learning biblical Greek on your own. You don’t have to attend seminary or enter a “classics” program to learn this language. You do need a plan.

In this first episode, Kurt maps out what he thinks is the most accessible approach to learning Greek, if you are a self determined learner.

It won’t be easy. You will have to build Greek into your life. Perhaps build out appointments with Greek that you keep nearly legalistically 🙂 But it will be worth it.

In this episode, Kurt gave an inside look at William Mounce’s Greek resources in his ‘Basics of Biblical Greek’ series.

Kurt recommends going ‘all in’ and purchasing the Basics of Biblical Greek Pack, which includes: the BBG textbook, workbook, flashcard set, Get an A! study guide, vocabulary audio CD, and full chapter lectures DVD.

*Also, Kurt forgot to mention, but the BBG Pack works great with the free course that the author, Mounce, offers on his website here: Greek 1 Course. Utilize his free vocab software, built into the class format, called “Flashworks”!!!!

*Other tips include carving out time in your schedule and mapping out a plan to go through each chapter in a reasonable amount of time. If this is your “second shot” at Greek, you may be able to go through this book quicker than the average first time student. To “refresh” your Greek might take two months, where to learn Greek for the first time might take closer to 4-6 months (or less, depending on the time you can invest). Map it out!

*Also, Kurt highly recommends the Sing and Learn New Testament Greek CD resource as a companion to this curriculum pack.

*Lastly, I mentioned a “conversational” learning method as well which I will return to in future episodes. But the best option of this approach of self-learners is Conversational Koine.

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Kurt Willems is a pastor, author, and spiritual director. His first book, Echoing Hope: How the Humanity of Jesus Redeems our Pain, releases in March 2021. Kurt is also the host of the Theology Curator podcast. He has a master of divinity degree from Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary and a master of arts in comparative religion from the University of Washington.
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