Look, I get it. Not everyone has the time and energy to dig into ancient texts and try to make meaning out of them for today. But I’ve got you covered. I curate an experience for you to bring together the best thinkers, books, and ideas on all things pertaining to the Apostle Paul. Let me help you nerd out a bit. How else would you want to spend your commute? Help me help others rethink everything they’ve thought about Paul. I hope “the Apostle Paul” and “mind blown” will become two joint phrases in your regular conversations.

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The Paulcast, curated by Kurt Willems, is a new podcast devoted to the study of the most famous Apostle. He’s been read to justify almost every agenda. Many people have let go of any hope that Paul is anything more than a misogynistic bigot.

But what if we’ve got him all wrong?

On each episode, we ask: Who was Paul, really?

Listen along as Kurt engages with—interesting thinkers, innovative practitioners, captivating books, groundbreaking academic theories, and relevant cultural issues—to build bridges between the first and twenty-first centuries.

This show is an invitation to rethink everything you were taught about this infamous Apostle. The Paul we excavate from the rubble of tradition, might just surprise us all.


Some of our guests have been: Scot McKnight, Mark Nanos, Kate Wallace Nunneley (Junia Project), J.R. Daniel Kirk, and many others! (Click Interviews to see them all)