I’ve become convinced that almost anyone can become a scholar or theologian of Paul or any part of the New Testament.
In fact, if you think about and study God in any way, shape, or form—you are already both.

Maybe this sounds silly to you. I get that.
But here’s the deal—
Studying God isn’t something that was meant only for the ivory tower, it is something available to everyone.

My goal at Theology Curator is to resource regular folks with the tools of the trade.
In this free course—yep, I try to give away tons of helpful stuff—I invite you to take some initial steps into the Paul conversation.


Paul is much more than words on a page.
He has a context. A language (or two or three). A worldview. A culture. A way of life.

He encounters Jesus and everything changes. But how “everything changes” is up for debate. This is where reading Paul like a scholar becomes so important.

So, I invite you on a seven day journey.
During this time I will send you one email per day with engaging content.

We will focus on major themes in Paul’s life, controversies surrounding how best to understand his Jewish identity, and how our chosen approaches to Paul play themselves out in the real world today.
If you’ve ever wanted to understand what happens when we place Paul in his ancient world, this class is for you.
If you’ve ever wondered, What is that ‘new perspective on Paul’ stuff all about?, this class is for you too. We go beyond description, into application.

If you are excited, I hope you’ll find a few friends to walk through this week long class with.
Conversation partners make everything better!

What You Get

  • Readable lectures sent directly to your inbox each morning for 7 days
  • A PDF introduction guide (today, if you sign up) outlining the big ideas of the course
  • Access to the weekly Theology Curator Newsletter, where I resource the heck outta ya (without being gross and spammy)
  • And… on day 7, you will get a Bible Study Guide: Paul Edition PDF, which is exclusive to those enrolled
  • Oh, and I am probably gonna throw an extra gift in there if you hang with the full journey. #surprise