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Mark D. Baker on Reading Galatians in a Missional Context, Latin American Readings, and Religiosity (EP-21)

In Interview, Paulcast by Kurt Willems

In this episode, Kurt Willems interviews Professor Mark D. Baker of Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary. Mark studied with Richard Hays at Duke and did a contextual project spurred on by his experience as a missionary in Honduras. His work focuses on Galatians, which he breaks down in this episode. Check …

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Getting to Know the Real Paul #3 – Was Paul really an adherent of Judaism? Did religion even exist? (EP-15)

In Paulcast, The Real Paul by Kurt Willems

  In Getting to Know the Real Paul, we explore various issues about Paul’s own identity. From questioning whether or not the letters attributed to him are authentic, to wondering out loud about his posture toward the Roman Empire, this series attempts to give an overview of the important questions …