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This Compelling Jesus

In Jesus by Stephanie Christianson

Recently, I was chatting with one of my professors from college. He shared with me how he was preaching through 1 Peter. I responded by saying that I had been doing a fair amount of guest preaching as of late, at various churches in the area. I told him that, …

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The Poisonwood Bible and Me

In Theology by Stephanie Christianson

The Mark of a Good Book If you asked me to recommend a theology book, it is quite probable that I will emphatically ask: “Have you read Miroslav Volf’s Exclusion and Embrace? No? You HAVE to. It’s a game changer!” So emphatic is this answer that I wrote a previous …

We Are Going Somewhere: A Progressive Theology

In Jesus, Theology by Ryan Morey

Theology can be a beautiful thing. The ideas that we hold about God shape how we view the world we live in and our places within it. It can give us hope when things begin to go dark. Theology can also be toxic. Our ideas about God can harden our hearts …