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Curated Coaching

I want theology curator.

Coaching Cohorts

In a coaching cohort, Kurt personally walks with a group of Christian leaders, students, pastors, and passionate persons of other backgrounds around curated theological and ministry-based content. The sessions are blocked off into 6 month chunks and are intentionally shaped around a new theme each round.

Each month, cohort members:

  • Join in a group video conference call with 2 hours of teaching and group discussion (via Zoom or Skype).
  • Have daily access to a cohort-only online community chat group. This will be for collaboration and community building with the others in the cohort, including Kurt. (We will likely use Slack for this medium.)
  • Each person in the cohort has a one-on-one coaching call for about an hour each month.
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One-on-One Coaching

In an individual coaching session, Kurt works with individuals who care about processing and creating content of various sorts. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Christian writers / bloggers
  • Pastors seeking theological coaching for a ministry context
  • Church planters
  • Podcasters (those with shows and those who want wisdom on how to start / grow a new show)
  • Theological students (either formal or "armchair" theologians)
  • Content creators who desire to expand their online platform

The format is typically a one hour conversation via Skype or Zoom.

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One-on-One Coaching

  • Theology Coaching: If you want to go deeper into a subject and you want someone to help curate a personalized journey, I can help!
  • Writing Influence: Creating an online blogging platform.
  • Social Media: Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get your message out there to the people who resonate.
  • Ministry Consulting: I'll be a voice into your specific local church context on anything theological, pastoral, or teaching in nature. I've been a youth pastor, a teaching pastor, and a church planter.
  • Launching a Podcast: I'll walk you through the steps and bring my experience to bear on your specific vision.

Sign Up: One-on-One Coaching / Consulting

In you are interested in a 'one off' Skype conversation where I can be a sounding board and offer insights to your particular situation, the one-on-one Skype call is likely the best choice. If you want ongoing monthly coaching calls, including ongoing dialogue around specific topics, then the monthly recurring payment option is likely the best choice. Since there is more involved in preparation for an ongoing coaching relationship, the cost is slightly higher. Another option, of course, would be for you to join a cohort which includes coaching in its total package!
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If there are other subjects that I can speak into, do let me know.