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Enneagram & 40 Days on Being a 3 with Sean Palmer [EP-129]

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< 1 Minute Read SUBSCRIBE VIA ITUNES | SPOTIFY | GOOGLE | STITCHER | AUDIBLE In this conversation, Kurt chats with Sean Palmer about his book, Forty Days on Being a 3. It is a series of formation books based on the numbering system of the Enneagram. He discusses the Enneagram as a whole and his particular number, enneagram 3. GIVE THE …

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The Unexpected Voice of God: Recognizing the Many Ways God Speaks to Us

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4 Minute Read A few weeks ago, I introduced you to my colleague Dr. Andrew Gabriel by reviewing his new book Simply Spirit-Filled. To give you a better taste of the book, enjoy this excerpt from Simply Spirit-Filled below. A couple of days after we buried our stillborn baby, God spoke to my wife. It …

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Rapture Drill: Cosmic Signs Don’t Signal a Rapture (Unless People Disappear Next Week) | S1 E4 (EP-4)

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< 1 Minute Read That one time David Meade predicted the rapture and the end of the world. Subscribe via iTunes or Google Season 1, Episode 4 (Spring Season, 2018) In this episode, Kurt Willems talks about a self-proclaimed “Christian Numerologist” and multi-failed rapture predictor, David Meade. The conspiracy theories continue to abound, especially when it comes …

Jesus was Born in Bethlehem, NOT Rome: Choosing to Lose the “War for Christmas”

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4 Minute Read Each year Christmas comes along and so do various controversies. Yesterday, my friend Jeff Clarke wrote: However, when we post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram our demand for people toKeep Christ in Christmas, we are in that moment displaying a degree of arrogance, not humility. Instead of pointing people to the humble …