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The Unexpected Voice of God: Recognizing the Many Ways God Speaks to Us

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• 4 Minute Read A few weeks ago, I introduced you to my colleague Dr. Andrew Gabriel by reviewing his new book Simply Spirit-Filled. To give you a better taste of the book, enjoy this excerpt from Simply Spirit-Filled below. A couple of days after we buried our stillborn baby, God spoke to my wife. It …

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Protestants Don’t Know What to Do with Mary

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• 6 Minute Read Mary. There’s something about her, so they say. Protestants haven’t known what to do with her. I’ve seen two basic trends. 1) Protestants who ignore Mary’s subversive joy. 2) Protestants who run from Mary’s miracle. Both of these trends are troubling. Many “traditionalists” ignore Mary (for the most part) because of …

10 Years Ago, I Embraced Nonviolence & Anabaptism

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• 4 Minute Read In the past month or so, I’ve been interviewed on two different podcasts. ​​Bros, Bible’s, & Beer: This was fun. Three great guys who talk about faith from three different angles. One is closer to where I’d be at when it comes to theology. Another is more in the conservative-evangelical …

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Does God plan everything that happens? (4 Views)

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• 9 Minute Read A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to my friend Bonnie Kristian. She is the author of A Flexible Faith: Rethinking What It Means to Follow Jesus Today. Her guest post (“What happens to people who never hear about Jesus?”) was so well received that I asked if she’d be up to …

What happens to people who never hear about Jesus? (4 Views)

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• 7 Minute Read Is it fair for God to treat people who have honestly never heard this stuff the same way he treats people who knowingly reject him? Is ignorance as bad as an intentional embrace of evil? Christians have historically answered these questions three ways, positing theories that are today called exclusivism, inclusivism, and postmortem evangelism.

Cosmic Signs Don’t Signal a Rapture (Another Prediction by David Meade)

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• 5 Minute Read I thought you might want to know that the rapture is set to occur on April 23rd. According to Christian Numerologist David Meade, we all need to be ready. <<<By the way, this reflection is based on podcast episode #4 from, Rapture Drill: Reframing Revelation, the End Times, & Our Weird …

Revelation’s climactic verse is dirty & powerful (how to avoid spiritual STDs)

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• 3 Minute Read I grew up around charts. Big. Scary. Charts. Can you relate? And on these charts were several pictures accompanied by verse labels and a timeline. Oh, yeah, gotta have the timeline figured out. These always came with the acknowledgement that no one could truly know the day or the hour. …