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N.T. Wright is right & wrong on Paul – Chris Heilig (EP-56)

In Interview, Paulcast by Kurt WillemsLeave a Comment

Subscribe via iTunes or Google This is an interview episode with emerging biblical scholar, Christoph Heilig. We spend much of our time discussing a new volume, which engages the work of NT Wright, called God and the Faithfulness of Paul. Seriously, get this book! Here’s a full bio: Together with his wife Theresa, Christoph …

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Mark D. Baker on Reading Galatians in a Missional Context, Latin American Readings, and Religiosity (EP-21)

In Interview, Paulcast by Kurt Willems

In this episode, Kurt Willems interviews Professor Mark D. Baker of Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary. Mark studied with Richard Hays at Duke and did a contextual project spurred on by his experience as a missionary in Honduras. His work focuses on Galatians, which he breaks down in this episode. Check …