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Paul, Creation & Evolution #6 – Original Sin and Paul (EP-57)

In Creation & Evolution, Paul, Paulcast by Kurt Willems

1 Minute Read Subscribe via iTunes or Google In this series, Kurt will explore Paul’s worldview concerning God and creation. What did Paul have in the background? How did this affect how he would think about Adam and Eve? Then, we will end our series looking at Romans 5 and its compatibility with evolution (or lack …

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Toward a Clearer Definition of “Spiritual Warfare” – Ephesians 6 as a Call to Justice and Peace

In Paul by Kurt Willems

17 Minute Read The following is a seminary paper I dug up from the archives. I might say a few things differently today, but I think this paper is quite helpful for understanding “spiritual warfare” from a biblical perspective.  Although there is debate to whether or not the Apostle Paul was the author …