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Ryan Morey (lives near Seattle, Wa.) teaches in the Monroe School District. He's a lover of Jesus, the PNW sunshine and many nerdy pursuits. Find Ryan online: Twitter.

The Good Friday Agreement: What Peace in Ireland Can Teach Us About Peace on Earth

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4 Minute Read On my commute home this evening I was listening to the Fundamentalists podcasts hosted by Peter Rollins in which he mentioned an event called ‘the Belfast Agreement’ or because of the day it was signed, ‘The Good Friday Agreement.’ This was an agreement signed Good Friday, April 10, 1998 that …

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Jonah Knew God (But Didn’t Love like God): What this Odd Prophet Teaches Us about Peacemaking

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6 Minute Read Jonah has always been one of my favorite books in the bible. Just thinking about it brings back memories of flannel-graphs, paper pictures of x-rayed fish with a man kneeling somewhere near the lower intestine and Sunday school stories about a little man who thought he could disobey God. I …