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Kurt Willems (MDiv, MA) is the founding pastor of Pangea Church (Seattle), curator of both The Paulcast and Rapture Drill podcasts, blogger at The Pangea Blog (hosted by Patheos.com), and resourcer of an intelligent and humanizing faith at Theology Curator. [More About Kurt]

Love is the Only Way: Why I Loved the New Paul Movie (And I’m Not into “Christian Movies,” Typically)

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6 Minute Read My Interview with writer and director, Andrew Hyatt, of Paul, Apostle of Christ: //html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/6433141/height/90/theme/custom/autoplay/no/autonext/no/thumbnail/yes/preload/no/no_addthis/no/direction/backward/render-playlist/no/custom-color/000000/ Subscribe via iTunes or Google This past weekend was full. Perhaps it was for you too. Before I tell you about my experience with the Paul movie, it is worth mentioning the most meaningful weekend of the Church calendar. …

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Paul Movie with Director/Writer Andrew Hyatt | S1 E3 (EP-61)

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2 Minute Read  Subscribe via iTunes or Google Season 1, Episode 3 (Spring Season, 2018) This is a conversation with Andrew Hyatt, writer and director of Paul, Apostle of Christ, a new film from Sony. We talk about the background of the film, major themes, and why he was compelled to tell part of Paul’s …

Revelation’s climactic verse is dirty & powerful (how to avoid spiritual STDs)

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3 Minute Read I grew up around charts. Big. Scary. Charts. Can you relate? And on these charts were several pictures accompanied by verse labels and a timeline. Oh, yeah, gotta have the timeline figured out. These always came with the acknowledgement that no one could truly know the day or the hour. …

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N.T. Wright Talks about Paul’s Biography (Judaism, Empire, Anabaptists, and Jesus) | S1 E1 (EP-59)

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2 Minute Read Subscribe via iTunes or Google Season 1, Episode 1 (Spring Season, 2018 [Brand New Format!]) In this episode, N.T. Wright talks about his new book, Paul: A Biography. He discusses the sources we need to do good historical biographical work on Paul. We also might chat about Romans 13 and Anabaptists. You won’t want …

God for Guns: A Christian Response to Yet Another School Shooting

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7 Minute Read …many of those who cling more tightly to their weapons at times like this are Christians who would label themselves as conservatives. These people of course will defend their rights to “bear arms” as part of their heritage as Americans, as this seems promised under the Second Amendment. Of course, I have never actually met one who also claims to be part of a well-regulated state militia, which was the grounds for the Second Amendment in the first place. Beyond this however, I think we get a peek at the larger and deeper issue. What this reveals is an issue of trust, and what we trust is what we ultimately worship.