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Kurt Willems (M.Div.) is the founding pastor of Pangea Church (Seattle, Wa.), curator of The Paulcast: A Podcast All About the Apostle Paul, blogger at The Pangea Blog (hosted by Patheos.com), graduate student at the University of Washington (focusing on Paul), and resourcer of an intelligent and humanizing faith at Theology Curator. [More About Kurt]

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N.T. Wright is right & wrong on Paul – Chris Heilig (EP-56)

In Interview, Paulcast by Kurt Willems

Subscribe via iTunes or Google This is an interview episode with emerging biblical scholar, Christoph Heilig. We spend much of our time discussing a new volume, which engages the work of NT Wright, called God and the Faithfulness of Paul. Seriously, get this book! Here’s a full bio: Together with his wife Theresa, Christoph …